We are Intersect Healthcare Sytems!

Intersect's mission is to improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care through Intersect on FHIR™

The organization's flagship solution, named, Intersect on FHIR, is virtual care and remote patient monitoring solution developed on the HL7/FHIR® data platform. It uniquely features seamless data integration and interoperability with Certified electronic health reords applications (EHRs). Its data integration capability also makes it an idea data source for AI initiatives. The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule, also known as the 21st Century "Cares Act" stipulates that a secure, standard-based Patient Access API (using Health Level 7® (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resoures® (FHIR 4.0.1) that allows patients to easily access their claims and encounter information, including cost, as well as a subset of their clinical information through third-party applications of their choice must be in place by the end of 2022. This requirement means that FHIR is now the standard for healthcare data. No virtual delivery system other than Intersect on FHIR can currently make that claim.

Beyond conforming to to the mandate, which is not currently applicable to virtual delivery applications, benefits associated with the FHIR data set are trasformational. The reasons are that in addition to exchange data with on-premises EHR systems, it can also pull data from them. The consequence of acquiring historical patient information mean that during remote patient visits, providers have "at a glance" allergy and adverse reaction information, prior encounter histories along with the entire array of data store in their master patient record. And of utmost importance, importation of patient information equates to posititve identification assuring that the right monitoring tests results are appended to the right patient record.

U.S. Patent Pending

Who We Are

  • Website: https://intersecthealth.net
  • Industry: Hosptials and Healthcare
  • Current Company Size < 50
  • Headquarters: Gainesville, FL
  • Founded 2008
  • Specialties: Digital Health, Virtual Health, Health IT, Medical API, Healthcare, Public Health, Global Heath, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics

What We Believe

usRegardless of the features and benefits of our technology, if patients and providers are unable to easily access and navigate around our system and see measureable results, that remote monitoring initiative will likely fail. As such, for us to be successful, every stakeholder must be pleased - healthcare systems, their patients and Intersect. It is like a chain with no weak links.

Everything we do is geared toward assuring a win, win, win scenario. Nothing else is acceptable.

What You Could Expect

We believe the best way to be successful in business is through long-trust relationships. At every touchpoint, from every member of our organization gWe will do everything possible to earn trust from you and your patients.

This is a long-term committment which we are convinced will yield longer term results. It absolutely simplifies the decision-making process. We believe you will find it msatisfying.

What could Intersect do for you?

Who should consider us

Intersect on FHIR's unique cloud-based infrastructure makes it extremely scalable - up and down. That is supported by it's licensing model - generally pricing is based on a "per patient per month" plan. In addition to making it affordable for smaller organizations as well as large ones who would like to enter the remote patient monitoring program on a smaller patient group basis.FQHCs or samller hopital systems should consider Intersect on FHIR, not only as a remote patient monitoring application, but additionaly as a replacement for their EHR. Scalability is simply a matter of adjusting storage recources to match the need. With FHIR's entire resource library incorporated into the application, its capabilities mirror any high-end EHR system at a fraction of the cost.

We encourage you to see how an Intersect relationship might benefit your organization. It is a win-win opportunity for you and your patients.