You will need as little as your physicians and medical staff. Intersect will take care of everything else - from setting up patient devices to staffing a provider and patient help desk. Intersect also has recources able to remotely access and remediate any problems related to the patient's remote device.

If you are treating a patient for multiple chronic conditions, we would propose to monitor each of them. Intersect on FHIR enables you to monitor and test for each. Our mobile application enables you to attach multiple Bluetooth devices.
Pricing is based on a per-patient-per month plan. The amount varies and is dependent on the number of patients, the number and type of the conditions being monitored, and the Intersect services being provided.

We would be pleased to configure a quote based on your remote monitoring strategy.

Our information is andotal, but we have learned that most difficulties are related to:
  • Unable to complete application setup
  • Device incompatibility
  • Unable to navigate application
  • Unable to reach help
  • Lack of sufficient manual dexterity
Patient problems result in lost time for providers when patients are unable to keep scheduled appointments. Patients become frustrated when they are unable to navigate the system and could potentially drop out of the program.

Intersect has taken the following steps to assure patients are able to successfully participate in their remote monitoring program.
  1. Furnish patients with a small tablet computer equipped with an cover that enables it be placed like an easel on a flat surface in landscape mode in order to facilitate hands free use.
  2. Tablet has a mobile data plan providing a direct connection to the internet
  3. Tablet will be presented to patients with the mobile application, Bluetooth connectivity, and remote support application pre-installed
  4. A "Patient Ambassador" will contact the patient and schedule an "Onboarding" session for the purpose of training them how to participate in the program
  5. Intersect will staff a business hours help desk
Our application is completely built on the FHIR data platform and designed for EHR integration. Unlike integrations in the past, it will be quite simple.