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The promise of advanced care-delivery technology is within your reach

Intersect's technology platform enables advanced technology capabilities never before available in a tightly integrated package

Together they enable advanced care-delivery capabilities needed to achieve the promise of better patient outcomes at lower cost.

Intelligent cloud-based engine

The system is created on a single cloud-based propriatary data engine (Genetica™) that runs all of the data ingestion, querying, AI modeling and applications (e.g. Intersect on FHIR™, etc.)

In addition to those attributes, the system contains a mirror image of the entire HL7/FHIR™ resource library.

Taken as a whole, this system contains digital innovations unique to anything else now available.

Aggregate data from disparate sources

The system includes a federated database system (FDBS) that transparently maps multiple autonomous database systems into a single federated database.

Intersect users (providers, administrators, staff) can use the data engine to create complex queries by themselves from their Intersect FHIR repository and any other external databases without needing to migrate data.

Prescriptive Medicine

Included in The system is an intuitive AI (MLOPs) platform that can be used to create comprehensive AI models based on generated datasets from the previous steps. There are no coding requirements.

Clinicians and researchers can create their own easily assible portfolio of resources instead of having to rely on 3rd parties to create them each time they want something new.

Interoprability through face-to-face, telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

Developed on top of the FHIR Resource Library incorporated in the intelligent cloud engine, Intersect on FHIR is a point-of-care application unlike no other. Whether the use-case is for telehealth visits or as the host for remote monitoring of complex chronic disease patients with AI- powered treatment plans, Intersect on FHIR enables care delivery innovation and seamless interoperability with ONC-certified EHR systems.

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