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Our Services

"Our Triple Aim"

Happy patients. Happy providers and care-team members. Better outcomes and reduced costs. That is our "Triple Aim." We know that if our technology doesn't achieve those aims, we won't be able to meet our goal of being successful in the marketplace.

To achieve our goal of meeting your goals, we offer needed services for patients and clinicians that are not generally available in healthcare organizations. Yet, they are crucial to assuring patients can thrive and clinicians are able to treat them effectively and efficiently. Our services enable healthcare organizations to participate in chronic care management, MMM avoidance and other programs with no staffing requirements beyond scheduling, billing, and patient care teams.

AI, whether it is used in a remote monitoring or in an inpatient environment can offer transformational advantages. Intersect can help you achive those benefits without your requirement to recruit and retain specialized data scientists.

AI Services

We will either collaborate with your team to create complex queries to build datasets which can be used for AI models with the goal of enabling them to independently create their own models or we will assume the role on your behalf.


Patients, Providers, and Intersect all win. There are no losers.

Turnkey Services

Intersect's remote monitoring package includes everything needed to achieve success for patients and your clinical team. All you need to provide is your clinical team. We take care of everything else.

Remote monitoring service solutions

We provide services to assure patient and clinicial team success. These services are included with a remote monitoring subscription. 
Patient mobile device provisioning

Intersect provides patients with an Android tablet computer with Intersect's mobile patient application and a wireless data plan preinstalled. Medical monitoring devices for conditions to be monitored are included in the shippment with with bluetooth connectivity completed. The device as shipped will be ready for patient use.

Patient program orientation

Following receipt of the mobile device, patients will be contacted to schedule a one-on-one orientation of the mobile device, the mobile application and its features along with each medical device and the process for taking a test. Patients will also be instructed on how to send messages to their care team, and how to reach the help desk if needed.

help-desk services

Intersect support staff will be available during scheduled hours to assist patients with device usage issues and revisit the initial orientation process as needed to ensure patients are able to utilize mobile application features and perform prescribed tasks. 

Application upgrades and technical support

Intersect has the technical means to remotely access the patient mobile device and perform troubleshooting steps in the same way they would if the device were in front of them. The same support tool will also enable remotely updating the mobile application as new versions become available. Finally, if the device is lost or stolen, it can be wiped and/or disabled.

Start off on the right foot

Help patients be successful.

When patients can comfortably log on to their mobile device and navigate around the mobile application and attached medical devices to test their conditions, there is a high probability that they will be successful and experience the desired health outcomes. We can not leave that to chance, because if they are unable to perform those steps, they will drop out and continue to struggle with their conditions.

From furnishing connected devices to one-on-one orientations to our help desk and technical support, we have taken every step possible to ensure patient success. Because if it isn't working for patients, it won't work for you or for us.

Furthermore, every missed appointment by a patient is a missed patient visit for their provider. At a point in time, it won't work for providers either. And, if it isn't working for patients and providers, it certainly isn't working for Intersect. Ultimately, either we all win or we all lose.