We are using AI and the FHIR data platform to improve outcomes and lower cost.

We offer AI-driven treatment solutions.

Leverage the benefits of AI and the FHIR data platform.

Our vision is simple –to use our technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs

Maternal Mobidity and Mortality

We provide AI-powered risk models and remote patient monitoring programs to identify expectant mothers at risk and ensure their prenatal treatment plans are meeting established goals with care team alerts if/when elevated remediation is needed.

Chronic Disease Prevention

We use AI models to identify patients at risk for a range of chronic disease. Identified patients are recommended to be enrolled in remote patient monitoring plans where treatments for diagnosed pre-conditions will be monitored and managed to prevent escalation into chronic disease.

Chronic Disease Management

Patients diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases will be enrolled in remote monitoring plans where each of their conditions will be monitored. AI-powered risk models will aid in determining treatment levels and notify care teams when Helping our customers better manage their web presence in order to achieve greater success online.

Asthma patient monitoring

Regular spirometer testing will enable FEV-1 values to be used in a determination of AI-powered risk status. Patients requiring remediation can be treated as indicated.

Hospital at Home

Remotely monitoring patients following inpatient discharges or outpatint proceedures can help prevent unplaned readmissions.


The best system for remote patient monitoring is also the best for virtual encounters. Seamless EHR interoperability eleminates data silos and facilitates more effective visit outcomes when providers are presented with the full patient history without having to switch back and forth with the on premises EHR.

Reduce the cost of care

Chronic disease is responsible for a staggering portion of healthcare costs, and frequent emergency department visits and hospital readmissions are associated cost centers. The initiatives described above can effectively impact frequent ED visits and impatient readmissions while improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

Additionally, CMS offers attractive revenue opportunities for chronic disease care. Reach out to us to learn more about how these solution can benefit your organization and your patients.