Intersect Partners


Data-Driven Predictive Analytics

Intersect on FHIR and Genetica are a perfect match. Genetica’s Cortex Cognitive AI Platform is a cloud-based end-to-end AI development & lifecycle management solution. Intersect on FHIR runs in the Genetica cloud.

From that platform, with Genetica's intuitive UI & zero programming environment healthcare organizations can use its features and capabilities for creating, deploying, and managing industrial-strength AI applications. Use-cases can be both clinical and administrative. Genetica's programing reduces both the cost and time to deploy by a factor of ten.

University of Florida


Intersect has relocated to the UF Hub with the goal of gaining intellectual and strategic resources. The Innovation and Acceleration program at the UF Hub, in addition to providing access to top-ranked scholars in healthcare administration and technology, offers a great pipeline to new Intersect team members.

Enterprise Class Video and Voice

Intersect utilizes integrated Cisco Webex into Intersect on FHIR for video and voice in virtual patient encounters. Webex was selected for its seamless integration capability and granular management features. Together those factors insure that physician video encounters are delivered securely, and that voice and video quality are flawless. Webex also enables encounters to be recorded if desired, and features language translation if needed.

Remote Samsung Tablet Management

For virtual patient monitoring initiatives to be successful, the technology must be effectively managed. That means that application upgrades need to be installed seamlessly and without patient involvement, and problems with devices and applications need to be resolved quickly and effectively. Intersect's relationship with Esper enables Intersect technical support engineers to remotely access patient tablets to perform updates, solve problems and assure optimal performance. All of these tasks can be performed without any requirement from patient users.

Device Manufacturers

As a remote patient monitoring platform, medical device manufacturers are important partners. New FDA approved devices are regularly introduced to the marketplace and Intersect has a keen focus on identifying and evaluating them. Concurrently, many established manufacturers still have strong market positions. You can count on Intersect to diligently evaluate every available device in order to make an informed recommendation for your patient initiative.

The Sum of Our Parts

Elite Partners are Key to Our Success

We know that our solution is only as good as "The sum of its parts." Maybe you've heard the saying "The train doesn't travel any faster than the speed of the caboose." Our goal is for Intersect on FHIR to be the very best, we don't choose partners because they are the least expensive We expect every component to be the best in its class. Our established partners each make a strong case for that ranking.