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Offering a comprehesive portfolio of information technology products and services specializing in: Managed Cybersecurity Services, Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, HIPAA Compliance Services to small, mid-tier and safety-net healthcare organizations.

Additionally, Intersect offers a wide range of mobile devices, workstations, servers, storage systems, networking infrastructure, and healthcare equipment. All are available through Intersect's Access|Now monthly subscription program.

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We start "services" engagements with an in-depth analysis of your existing technology environment in order to facilitate the creation of a comprehensive technology plan.

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In this step, information gathered from the analysis gathered in step one will be leveraged to create a comprehensive technology roadmap. The same plan will also determine which IT roles should remain in-house and which should be considered for outsourcing.

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In the developmental stage, Intersect would perform any installations and configurations needed to enable the assumption of the roles that were established during earlier steps in the process. In this stage, Intersect would also install and configure any new infrastructure components regardless of whose role is to subsequently monitor and manage them.

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This is the "go live" stage for the shared roles. In this stage, Intersect would re-analyze the new enhanced system to document the system changes as required by HIPAA regulations. Concurrently, this analysis would assure each component is performing as intended.

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With years of experience and exhaustive research, we have assembled a range of solutions from leading vendors, while at the same time assuring that they are affordable for the organizations we hope to serve. To assure expert installation and configurations, Intersect has assembled a team of highly qualified technicians regardless of where your organization is located.

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