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Remote+Care is a purpose-built modular telehealth solution with advanced care-delivery capabilities. It's features enable your organization to fully leverage the entire telehealth opportunity - not just as it is today but into the future. We call it "Tomorrow Ready."

One thing is certain: Remote care delivery will continue to evolve as a significant means to receive and deliver healthcare. For your organization to participate in this emerging opportunity, enabling technology is a requirement. Remote+Care offers Tomorrow Ready Features Today.

Read on to learn about what differentiates Remote+Care from alternative options.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The information gleaned from the remote accumulation of patient data enables a significant number use cases. Chronic disease and medication management are examples. During virtual patient encounters, access to the same patient information as would be available if the encounter was face-to-face facilitates more accurate diagnosis and better patient outcomes.

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Custom Care Flow Designs

As virtual healthcare encounters continue to increase in number and significance, the methods used need to map out formal processes with CareFlows takes on added importance. Remote+Care facilitates that requirement with CareFlows that are customizable to conform to organizational policies and best-practices.

Information Analytics

Based on the addage that you can't manage what you can't measure, Remote+Care enables analytical processes that can facilitate compliance and enhanced performance improvements. Reports can easily be created to meet the needs of the organization.

EHR Integration

It is your choice. Remote+Care can either be integrated with your existing EHR system, used as a stand-alone application, or serve as a replacement for an ambulatory EHR. We can help you evaluate the best choice for your organization.

Physician Designed & Developed

The purpose-built Remote+Care system was devedloped by a Harvard trained and former Stanford professor of anesthesia with over 20 years of experience in the field of telemedicine. Remote+Care is a mature, Version 3.0 application, not beta software.

HIPAA Compliant

Securely hosted in the Amazon Cloud, Remote+Care was designed to store PHI in a HIPAA complient manner. That safe and secure infrastructure is the "engine" that enables and powers the application's wide range of capabilities. It is also a significant differentiator from web conferencing applications touting HIPAA compliance who are unable to store private patient information.

Subscription Based Billing

Remote+Care requires no capital investment. It is offered as an affordable monthly subscription and you pay for only the number of concurrent users required. There is are no maintenance costs and no long-term committments. As well the cost of the subscription can be accurately determined in advance.

Rapid Deployments

The time required to deploy and configure Remote+Care for your organization can be measured in hours and days - not months and years. Better yet, for your staff it is a "touchless" experience with zero disruption to your ongoing operations.

Nothing to Install

Eliminate provider and patient frustrations from the inability to connect to encounters because of difficulties in downoading and installing application files. All that is needed to access Remote+Care is a click on the web address automatically delivered to your patient

General Practitioners


Mental Health

Chronic Conditions

Elder Care and More

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