Solutions for small, mid-tier, & safety-net hospitals and their clinics

12+ Years

Committmed to being a trusted partner for healthcare organizations.

We are Intersect Healthcare Sytems!

Intersect offers information technology products and services to small, mid-tier and safety-net healthcare organizations.

Intersect offers products and services that enable healthcare organizations to increase operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes through a Hyper-Availabile technology evnironment. Our unique solutions model allows organizations to combine technology and centers of excellence to improve service, secure their protected patient information, and confidential organizational data while controlling costs in order to focus on what matters most, their patients and long-term sustainability.

Who We Are

In 2008, following many years of offering traditional IT products and services to a wide range of small and mid-sized businesses, Intersect adopted a strategy of exclusively serving healthcare vertical. Almost twelve years later we remain deeply committed to serving small, mid-tier and safety-net provider organizations. Our products and services are aimed at those segments. Intersect has resources sufficient to serve clients anywhere in the country.

What We Believe

Intersect believes that the best way to be successful in business is through long-term trust relationships with clients. As such, "the relationship" always becomes primary in any exchange between the parties. In a trust relationship, there aren't winners and losers but rather a sense of fairness. The outcomes are impressive. With everyone sharing mutual goals, achievements become far elevated to what would otherwise be possible.

What You Could Expect

In an ideal scenario, you should look at a relationship with Intersect as the infusion of a large amount of previously unavailable resources. Your organization can have the assurance of knowing internal staff can focus on high-value activities that improve patient outcomes and enhance financial performance while Intersect is focused on assuring protection against threats and keeping information available.

What could Intersect do for you?

Who should consider us

Intersect's solutions not designed to be "one-size-fits-all." While we believe that technology as a service particularly as it relates to the smart way to acquire devices ranging laptop computers to data-center components and outsourcing complex cybersecurity tasks makes sense for just about any organization, there are other roles that merit special consideration. Imagine a scenario where your organization is located in an area where there is a shortage of people with qualified IT skills and you have been challenged to recruit needed support staff. Ranging from 24 X 7 X 365 help desk support to managed backup and disaster recovery administration to patch management services, Intersect can fulfill those administrative tasks flawlessly and seamlessly for much less than the cost of providing them internally. Particiularly as it relates to cybersecurity, we are able to affordably deploy protections on your behalf that would be prohibitively expensive otherwise.

We encourage you to see how an Intersect relationship might benefit your organization. It is a win-win opportunity for you and your patients.