AI-powered Intersect on FHIR delivers personalized medicine.

Leverage AI and FHIR resources.

Improve the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of care delivery.

Remote patient monitoring. AI-powered use-cases.

Transformational technology:

"Entirely developed on the HL7/FHIR data platform."

Intersect on FHIR™ is an AI-powered digital health platform featuring personalized medicine and remote patient monitoring built on FHIR

Shift care-delivery from a reactive and generalized approach to a proactive and individualized one, allowing for a more personalized and effective care model.

Gain insights from large and complex data sets, identify patterns and trends in patient health, and make data-driven decisions about treatment plans and interventions - all without the need for database engineers and data scientists.

Intersect on FHIR™ offers a comprehensive solution for remote patient monitoring, particularly for patients with chronic conditions. The platform's flexibility in handling a wide range of monitoring alternatives and supporting multiple devices for the same patient makes it a valuable tool for healthcare providers seeking to improve patient outcomes and manage costs.

Overall, Intersect on FHIR is a valuable tool for advancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

Transformational Innovation

Intersect capabilities combine to create innovative care models that can tackle some of our most pressing healthcare challenges.

The combination of AI-powered risk modeling, predictive analytics, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and evidence-based personalized medicine creates comprehensive care models and adds up to transformational advances in care delivery. Use them to manage patients with chronic conditions, and other complex disease. Your organization will gain new revenue streams, reduced hospital admissions and improved patient outcomes.

  • Maternal Morbity and Mortality
  • Fetal Health Monitoring
  • Post Discharge Monitoring
  • Patient Risk Assessments
  • Chronic Car Management
  • Sepsis Risk Monitoring
  • Pain Management
  • Patient-Centered Personalized Medicine
Feature rich

Built on FHIR

The entire Intersect on FHIR™ point of care application is built on the HL7/FHIR™ data platform. The entire FHIR resource library is included in the Intersect data repository. In addition to seamless interoperability, FHIR resources have provided Intersect on FHIR with care-delivery features generally not available from either remote monitoring or telehealth applications. And, if at a later date, provider organizations want to add yet additional features from the resource library, they can be added with modest development requirements. Also, the HL7/FHIR organization has a large body of contributors creating additions and revision updates continuously. After thorough testing, Intersect can adopt the updates assuring the application has the most modern and secure source code. In terms of the application's life cycle, unlike proprietary applications, Intersect on FHIR won't become obsolete after a few years.

Datasets and AI Models

Intersect offers an intelligent data querying/wrangling/curating platform to perform complex data analysis and cohort generations from multiple data resources for clinical research, population health, disease monitoring, surveillance, and AI studies, etc. along with an intuitive AI (MLOPs) platform for the creation of comprehensive AI models based on generated datasets from previous steps without any coding requirements.

Personalized Evidence-Based Medicine

By using evidence-based medicine, healthcare providers can make more informed decisions that are based on the best available evidence, rather than relying solely on personal experience or tradition. This approach can help to improve patient outcomes, reduce the use of unnecessary or ineffective treatments, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Intersect on FHIR™ is an AI powered, seamlessly interoperable remote patient monitoring system developed on the FHIR  data platform capable of managing complex patients or facilitating routine telehealth visits. The FHIR platform enables advanced care delivery features rivaling those only seen in enterprise-class EHR systems. The mobile application can connect to multiple wearable applications and features voice-activated navigation.

Lower Cost

"The business case for Intersect on FHIR is compelling. With remote patient monitoring, there is added revenue from available CPT codes. The most significant benefits are savings available due to costs associated with in-patient readmissions and ED department visits.The financial benefits available from analytical information delivered by Genetica could be transformational."

Better Patient Outcomes

"Many patients with chronic disease continuously evolve through a cycle of boom and bust marked by ED visits and inpatient admissions and their associated quality of life deterioration.Remote monitoring enables proactive steps for mitigation of deteriorating conditions before the "bust" and the consequences of ED visits and re-hospitalization."

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