The Plus

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Choose The Plus! for a more secure network

The Plus plan offers everything included in The Base plan Plus the FortiAP wireless access point plus the FortiSwitch.

Each of those appliances are integrated with the Firewall, IPS, Application Control, and Web Filtering to protect the wired and wireless LAN from the latest security threats.

Included in the Plus Package

The Local Area Network

Included with The Plan package is everything that is included with the Base Plan plus a FortSwitch and a FortiAP wireless access point.
The advantages to adding the switch and access point are the increased cybersecurity protection that result from integrating Ethernet switch management into your FortiGate deployment. Switch ports are configured and secured in just a couple of clicks. Wireless access is strengthened because the FortiGate firewall is supplied with a Wireless LAN and Switch controller built-in to provide Security Driven Networking for Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

Everything from the Base Plan Plus ...

FortiGate Next Generation Firewall

The FortiGate NGFW appliance includes a bundle of important applications such as Anti-Spam, Web Filtering and an Intrusion Protection System. The device also functions as the foundation of the entire security environment by serving as the host for other components of the "Fortinet Fabric."


FortiManager is a hosted application with a rich set of tools to centrally manage the performance and effectiveness of the decvices and applications in your your protection environment.

FortiClient Endpoint Protection

This endpoint protection application connects to the network security architecture and includes everything you need for effective endpoint protection such as VPN and antivirus.


FortiToken enables two-factor authentication in your FortiGate environment.Two-factor authentication verifies users entering the network to assure that compromised user accounts and passwords do not result in crippling security breaches.


The Fortinet SIEM is a widely deployed, feature rich, and affordable SIEM solution.

SOC as a Service

Most healthcare organizations do not have in-house security experts to properly analyze security data as generated from the FortiSIEM. With this service, a team of experts perform daily reviews of all your security incidents and notifications generating a manual notification for significant issues.

Ala Carte applications can be added to the Plus Plan to achieve the protection you require.