What is the big deal about technology "as a service?"

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Reduce expense while improving cyber protection

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Marketing Hype or transformational change?

Intersect offers an "as-a-service" model branded as Access|Now. Access|Now bundles computer hardware, software, services, and support into a flat monthly fee. The consumption-based technology model has a myriad of financial and strategic benefits.

Broadly, benefits range from shifting costs from capex to opex,p; conserving cash, improving productivity through greater agility, and enhancing protection of patient information and sensitive organizational data from cybercriminals.

There is more. In addition to enhancing productivity and creating a platform to foster new revenue centers, it is probable that we can reduce your total technology spend. Especially, if you have open positions in your IT department, it is likely that you could eliminate them. Please browse our site to learn additional details about our services.

Improve Your Cybersecurity

Intersect's cybersecurity as a service delivers affordable Fortinet enterprise-class solutions to help ensure that Protected Health Information (PHI) and your organization's sensitive data are safe from threats.

No longer are you forced to settle for imperfect protection because effective security solutions were priced beyond your means and the specialized expertise required to administer them was not available.

Improve Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Management Capabilities

Leverage organizational data to enhance decision-making. Enhance Backup and Disaster Recovery Protection to assure near seamless data availability in the event of a natural disaster or cybercriminal related event.

Globally, over 20,000 healthcare organizations who run EHRs from every major vendor in use Veeam's solutions for backup, recovery and data managment. Now, Intersect has made these services affordable for your organization offering high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visability. No longer will your organization be hostage to cybercriminals in the event of a ransomware attack.

Market-leading products and services and a commitment to your long-term success.

Affordable Enterprise-Class Technology Solutions

Intersect offers range of managed service options with an emphasis on cybersecurity and disaster recovery. All are affordable options for resource-constrained healthcare organizations.
Solutions feature applications and devices from Fortinet, the market leader in this space, and other leading vendors. Additionally, Intersect offers server, storage, and virtualization solutions. Choices are available from Lenovo, Dell/EMC, HP and VMware. Deployment and configuration services are provided by certified technicians.

  • Managed Cybersecurity
  • Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Service Desk
  • Digital Transformation and Technology Modernization
  • Technology as a Service
The path to the future

Modernize Your Information Technology

Whether your organization is a Critical Access Hospital located in a remote rural area, community hospital in a mid-sized town, or a hospital serving an inner-city neighborhood, there is no doubt that in order to survive - and thrive in the future, you will need to find new ways to deliver care in an innovative and efficient way. Whatever that turns out to be, whether it is a new service line, telemedicine, greater reliance on IoT devices, or anytime/anywhere access to patient information, digital cpabilities will be a significant component. And, to realize that transformation, you will require technology that is agile, secure and affordable. Intersect offer resources to assist your organization down that path.

Shift your acquisitions of information technology products and services from capex investments to opex expenses

Intersect's "technology as a service" offering branded as Access|NOW means that you can acquire the cybersecurity protection, data managment solution and other technology as a monthy subscription. Keep the cash that you are now using to purchase equipment to fund the innovations needed to enhance revenue. And, if you have unfilled positions in your IT department, let's discuss how Intersect's services would enable you to eliminate those positions.

Our service offerings are designed to fill information technology deficiencies existing in most resource-constrained healthcare organizations - either because solutions are not affordable or because the technical skills to administer them are unavailable. We believe that just because you have limited resources doesn't mean you should be forced to accept mediocre solutions for critical needs. That only adds to the futility of your efforts. Accordingly, the products and service we offer are a leaders in their categories. Each is also an affordable choice for small, mid-tier or safety-net healthcare organizations. We invite you to learn more about our offerings by browsing the information on this site. Then, please reach out for a discussion. We'd like to know more about your issues and discuss how we could work together to help you achieve your vision.