Security Operations Center (SOC)

Included with All Service Plans

Intersect offers comprehensive Security Operations Center services as a part of all security service plans. These are no additional charges for these services.

Benefit from a SOC Analyst

A cybersecurity expert is monitoring your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. An immediate manual notification is issued for any issue identified during daily reviews.    

Nothing More to Install

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The InSights Dashboard

Gain access to the InSights dashboard to view an organizational risk score representing the cybersecurity risk across your organization along with a summary of detected vulnerabilities and active threats. The result is a clear representation of your security posture. No translation is reqjuired.    

Meets HIPAA Compliance

Today’s threats and compliance guidelines require healthcare organizations of all sizes to collect, correlate and analyze security information from all IT systems to enable rapid detection and remediation. Our comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring and compliance solution solves this need by providing continuous monitoring of your entire network to detect and respond to hidden cybersecurity threats.

Client or Intersect Incident Response

Organizations can determine whether they want to deal with investigating and potentially remediating the issues identified in SOC notifications, or whether they would prefer that the alerts be sent directly to the Intersect Service desk for their appropriate resolutions.

Intersect's Security Operations Center as a service

Automated notifications generated by FortiSIEM are forwarded to the Security Operations Center where a team of expert secuirity analysts provide SOC monitoring and response that meets HIPAA regulatory requirements. With this service, a team of security analysts perform daily reviews of all your security incidents and notifications, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each day's review is tracked and logged to prove regulatory performance. If any significant issues are found during daily reviews, a manual notification is created and sent to Intersect's Service Desk or to your internal IT team immediately.

  • SOCaaS Daily Compliance Review
  • Daily Review for Your Organization by SOC Analyst
  • Review of all automated Notifications to confirm they were triggered, sent, and delivered
  • Review of all security incidents (High, Medium, and Low) not just High-severity
  • Confirm Incident severity for proper categorization
  • Manual threat hunting, looking for any "hidden" activity that wasn't automatically detected
  • Review reports for any anomalies or suspicious outliers
  • Tier III Incident Response Support
  • Complies with HIPAA requiremens
  • Reviews performed every day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year
  • Audit/Exam support

SOC Management as a Service

An understanding of how to run cybersecurity solutions for a full network of devices is not something that any MSP (Managed Services Provider) or IT guy can do: Usually a full SOC is needed to run everything efficiently. Additionally, few healthcare organizations have in-house security experts to properly analyze security data.

Building and maintaining a Security Operations Center in-house is prohibitively expensive for even large healthcare organizations. Having a team of expert security analysts is very costly and turnover is notoriously high for in-house SOC teams. In addition, many organizations who attempt to create in-house SOCs fail to consider the ongoing training and professional development cost required to keep up with ever-changing technologies and threats. To address this need, Intersect offers SOC-as-a-Service options that are packaged with our Forti-SIEM as a Service offering.