Intersect's Remote+Care telehealth solution enables healthcare organizations to seize the entire opportunity presented by remote care delivery. Don't settle for a one-dimensional application when the potential is so much greater. Achieve reduced readmissions, greater patient satisfaction, and enhanced revenue from a physician-developed, purpose-built system.

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Intersect's Remote+Care system enables continuous, intermitent or on-demand monitoring of patient vital information. Medical-grade data is collected using tested and FDA approved wearables.

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In addition to analyzing collected historical information, live patient encounters can be conducted while the provider is reviewing LIVE vital signs and the patient chart. It is no different than a hospital encounter.  

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A diagnosis driven by collected patient data can lead to a range of improved outcomes including the including the costs and inconvenience associated with face to face enounters. And now, avoiding potential exposure in-person visits to COVID-19 through in-person visits to hospitals and other healthcare facilities is desirable.

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Whether the patient is receiving treatment for co-morbid chronic disease or has other conditions conditions treatable with prescription drugs, those conditions can be managed through continuous monitoring. A rapid responses to changes in conditions could substantially improve conditions.

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Developed by a former Stanford University physician, Remote+Care offers a wide range of benefits, financial and operational, beyond those provided by other solutions. The only way to really understand them is to see it in action through a live, no-obligation demonstration. Contact us today to sehedule a convenient time.

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