A critical element of healthcare infrastructure modernization

Integrate Public Cloud

The cloud is increasingly becoming an element of healthcare infrastructure modernization strategies. Public, private and clouds provide an array of IT infrastructure services that healthcare organizations can use to their advantage.

Deliver a Foundation for Cloud

The seamless integration of public cloud helps single hospitals and network providers meet rapidly changing requirements and growing business demands. By moving workloads into the clouid, developers can rapidly spin up and tear down environments, payhing for only for the resources they use. Self-service delivery with zero downtime ensures teams can more quickly pilot projects and scale as needed - even research projects requiring resources for limited periods of time - without increasing on-premises infrastructure costs.

VMware's Cross-Cloud Architecture© enabels healthcare IT to build a best-in-class private cloud; extend easily to public clouds; and run, manage, connect and secure any app on any cloud - all with freedom and control. The VMware approach helps satisfy strict data protection regulations and prevent vendor lock in.

Enable Always-On Healthcare

Resilience is critical to healthcare IT because interruptions to core infrastcture can impact lives. VMware helps ensure always-on infrastructure with failover capabilities in the cloud. VMware supports both on-premises and cloud-based disaster recovery solutions, integrating underlying replication technology to provide policy-based management, non-disruptive testing, and the automated orchestration of recovery plans.

Manage Multiple Clouds

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions have been on a tear in the past few years, as the savings tied to econoimies of scale become even more important as margins tighten,. VMware vRealize reduces costs and imporves agility, accelerating cloud service delivery with the most complete soluition for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud.