The FortiSIEM

Affordable for small, mid-tier and safety-net hospitals

The FortiSIEM


Small, Mid-Tier and Safety-Net Healthcare Organizations

There is an overwhealming consensus among cybersecurity professionals that a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system is a critical component in protecting information from unauthorized network access and breaches. That belief is based on the adage that you can't protect against threats that you can not see. The issue is that in order to see suspicious activity on a network, it is necessary to evaluagte log data from all of the endpoints. In even a small organization, that means thousands of log entries on hundreds of devices. The process of manually evaluating log data would be an impossible task.

That is where the SIEM comes in. SIEM systems not only aggregate data from devices on the network, but also perform an analysis to determine whether or not the logged activity is a potential threat and in need of investigation. If an anomaly is detected, it might collect more information, trigger an alert, or quarantine an asset.

Even though the benefits of SIEM technology in identifying malicious activity are well documented, the cost of a SIEM solution has generally restricted it's availability to large enterprises and govenment agencies.

Now, that restriction is no longer applicable. The FortiSIEM solution is available from Intersect and affordable for small, mid-tier and safety-net hospitals.

Healthcare organizations are under attack

The FortiSIEM is included with every Intersect managed security plan. SIEM benefits are now available to healthcare organizations of almost every size. The benefits offered by the FortiSIEM enable Intersect to more thoroughly manage and monitor your critical systems regardless of where they may be. Services include 24x7x365 automated monitoring and alerting through advanced log correlationm, contextual analytics, big data analysis, and a custom-tuned rule database. Automanted notifications generated by the FortiSIEM are sent directly to the included Security Operations Center (SOC) for response.

  • Full featured FortiSIEM implementation
  • Delivered as a SaaS model, included with your subscription at no additional charge
  • No headache or capital investment
  • Fully hosted in a secure and compliant cloud
  • Manage and monitor critical devices regardless of their location
  • 224/7/365 monitoring

Integrated Vulnerability Scan Results


Correlated Security Incidents from other SIEM instances

Global Intelligence

Live, Globally Active Threat Monitoring from SWAT Feed

Shared Threat Intelligence

Shared Threat Intelligence from many managed SIEM instances

The FortiSIEM-as-Service 

Features and Deliverables 

The Fortinet premier SIEM solution garmers real-time insight into your organization's network. The solution features multiple threat intelligence feeds and enhanced comp;loiance reporting. It also enables customized rules for your organization including incident policy notifications.

It is a robust, scalable solution that partially includes:

  • Real-time network analytics
  • Security and compliance out-of-the-box
  • Self-Learning Asset Inventory (CMDB)
  • Exhaustive device support
  • Event source monitoring
  • Network, virtualization, and application intelligence
  • Identity and location intelligence
  • Configuration and configuration change monitoring
  • In-depth database security, availability, and anomalous activity monitoring
  • Powerful, layer 7 rules engine
  • Real-time and historical cross-correlation
  • Prioritized security incidents with correlated and raw details
  • Directory service integrated and custom asset and user grouping
  • Compliance and standards-based reports
  • Optimized event repository
  • Compliance automation
  • Log management
  • The availability of this service to organizations such as yours is a "game changer." Although total security is an improbable claim, visiblity into the activities on the network provides a huge advantage in identifying and dealing with malicious activity. In combination with other elements in your security environment, the SIEM system provides substantial benefits.

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