FortiManager as a Service

Included in all Plans


for an

optimal cybersecurity posture

FortiManager is a hosted application that is incorporated into all Intersect Service Plans. Utilized by Intersect to managed your organization's Fortinet firewall and all of your Fortinet applications, FortiManager enables configurations and application management practices that assures you recieve optimal value from our services.

Centralized security management helps operationalize and automate security to improve response times and awareness, and Fortinet's security fabric is the foundation of that approach. But, many customer deployments can justify a full build out of a dedicated FortiManager internally. To meet the needs of our clients, we a FortiManager as a Service solution - a turnkey multi-tenant FortiManager instance hosted in a secure network that can be incorporated in our Service Plans.

The inclusion of FortiManager as a service as part of your package is another reason to choose Intersect for your cybersecurity needs.

Managed FortiAP, FortiSwitch & FortiExtender

FortiManager enables Intersect to centrally manage wireless networks, create from templates, AP profiles, SSIDs and Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS). FortiManager also manages the entire FortiSwitch infrastructure.

Configuration and Settings Management

Collectively configure the device settings, objects and policies across your network from a single user interface. The VPN manager simplifies the deployment and allows centrally provisioned VPN community and monitoring of VPN connections pon Google Map. FortiAP Manager allows configuring, deploying and monitoring FortiAPs from a single console with Google Map view. The FortiClient Manager allows centralized configuration, deployment, and monitoring of all FortiClients.

Workflow for Audit and Compliance

FortiManager enables you to review, approve and audit policy changes from a central place, including automated processes to facilitate policy compliance, policy lifestyle management, and enforced workflow to reduce risk for policy changes.


FortiManager can help prevent breaches

The rapid influx of digital transformation (DX) technologies has made networks and network security much more complex and vulnerable. While malicious cyberattacks remain a serious problem, a recent Ponemon study shows that more than half of all breaches last year came from benign sources that could have been prevented. A security strategy that prioritizes automation-driven network operations can help. As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiManager supports network operations use cases for centralized management, best practices compliance, and workflow automation to provide better protection against breaches.

Ponemon recently came out with a study where they interviewed more than 2200 security professionals – what they concluded as part of that research was that 52% of root causes for a breach are a result of either human error or system glitches. FortiManager delivers tools to help address the key root causes of breaches.

  • Up to 10 users monthly
  • Unlimited updates
  • Free host & domain included
  • 24/7 dedicated Support
  • Unlimited Storage usage
  • Up to 10 user register

Affordable Pricing Packages

Intersect's managed security services are priced to be affordable for rural, commiunity, and safety net hospitals.

FortiGate as a Service
$95 /month

Content Management System, Installation & Setup, Search engine friendly and Social media integration

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FortiManager as a Service
$224.95 /month

Search engine friendly, Contact form, Social media integration and Mobile and tablet friendly design

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$499.90 /month

Content integration, Slider Design, Social media integration and True 24 X 7 customer support

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