Empower the Clinical Workspace

By enabling new models of patient care with mobility, healthcare organizations can improve the quality of life for both patients and providers, and gain competitive market advantages.

The Right Device for the Right Task at the Right Time

Benefits from Mobile Initiatives
Healthcare executives reported more business benefits from mobile initiatives in a recent survey that also revealed healthcare is number one in reaping digital workplace digital workspace rewards compared to other industries. Using a single identity across workstations, tablets, and smartphones enables clinicians to review charts, x-rays, and care plans from anywhere on any device, spending more time with patients. Provisioning mobile devices for inpatients allows care recipients to communicate with their cre teams and understand their medications, Home monitoring, using mobile devices empowers patients to track symptoms, for example diabetes indicators or remind them to take medications - giviong patients more input and control.

Unification of user, desktop, and mobile management enables a workspace that moves with providers or patients throughout their days. From the out-of-hours call to the bedside consult, our solution delivers always-on, secure, simple access to patient information. With the single platform, IT can manage apps and devices, across ownership models - hospital owned or bring your own device - with complete user privacy. The solution includes unified endpoint management. It enables scalable, over-the-air provisioning and complete lifecycle managment, and delivers real-time visibility for users, apps, and devices across any network.

Simplify Non-Clinical Desktops

Ease Non-Clinical Desktop Administration
The wide variety of healthcare desktops (workstations on wheels, registration kiosks, business systems) is difficult for IT to manage, update, secure and keep in compliance. Our solution eases non-climnical desktop administration by separating and isolating apps, operating systems, and user data from . underlying hardware so they can be managed and updated independently saving time and resources. Virtual desktops run as virtual machines on servers in the data center - keeping PHI secure.

Safely Embrace IoT

Create Next-Generation Care
Increasingly, smart devices are being used across healthcare to create next-generation experiences that put patients in control of their care, better track patient devices, and improve research reliability. Our IoT solution manages, monitors and secures all IoT infrastructure to create a more efficient and responsive healthcare system - improving patient care and compliance, reducing security risks and increasing provider productivity.