BCaaS as part of a comprehensive Availability strategy

Fast, Secure Cloud-Based Business Continuity Services

Saving Lives

Achieve near zero downtime

Veeam enables Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) as part of a comprehensive Availability strategy, embracing virtualization and storage investments in your data center and extending them through the hybrid cloud. Affordable and efficient image-based VM replication delivers true cloud-based business continuity (BC) for ALL applications (RTPOs <15 minutes) through the best and most trusted BCaaS provider across the globe.


Never Pay Ransom

An effective business continuity solution means that you won't be required to pay ransom to cybercriminals in hope of regaining access to crucial patient and organizational information.

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Remain Open

Continue operations with almost un-interupted access to patient data. Access patient information from anywhere with Internet access.

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Save recovery expenses

Easily restore on-premise IT systems without having to endure expensive reinstallations of EHR, patient and administrative accounting and other complex systems.

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Protect Patient Relationships

Sustain patient confidence by remaining open and providing continual care.

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Assure Availability of mission critical applications!

Get the most out of BCaaS with Veeam Cloud Connect VM replication, providing fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based BC. It includes:

  • Support for VMware BCaaS between your onpremise environment and the Veeam hosting environment
  • A cloud host for BC with CPU
  • Full site failover to a remote BC site from anywhere with just a few clicks and partial site failover to instantly switch over to selected VM replicas only
  • Full and partial failback to restore normal business operations
  • Built-in network extension appliances to simplify networking complexity and preserve communication with and between running VMs, regardless of physical location
  • 1-click failover orchestraton for quick execution and site failover simulation, without disruption production workloads
  • Single-port connectivity via a secure, reliable TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) connection to the cloud host with traffic encryption
  • Multiple traffic-reduction technologies, including built-in WAN acceleration and replica seeding