IT Modernization

Achieve new capabilities and organizational outcomes

Modernize Healthcare IT Systems

Seize new opportunities

An organization's IT infrastructure is directly tied to its ability to seize new opportunities and enhance its financial position. The pursuit of new revenue opportunities is important because current revenue for many small and mid-tier healthcare organizations is insufficient for their long-term sustainability. In addition, most of these organizations have already reduced expenses as much as possible. They are not able to “save their way” to profitability. Their only option is new revenue streams. Organizations with legacy IT systems are greatly handicapped in expanding their operations. For them, provisioning new IT resources necessitates the procurement of new hardware and the processes needed to install it. It is an expensive and time-consuming ordeal ending with limited flexibility. Alternatively, a modern data center would allow new compute resources to be created and configured in minutes – without the need to purchase new hardware. Then, once the new revenue initiative has been launched, the required resources could easily be scaled up or down as is appropriate. This enhanced agility is just one of the many benefits. The time associated with these activities is especially important. Beyond the cost savings, speed can enable first-mover benefits.

Protect patient relationships

Don't lose existing patient relationships to tertiary hospitals, academic medical centers and marquis organizations

Equally important to the development of new revenue sources, is the protection of existing patient relationships. Today, technology has “shortened the distance” between your location and that of tertiary hospitals, academic medical centers, and marquis organizations such as Mayo or the Cleveland Clinic. That combined with changing patient expectations means service-delivery alternatives like e-visits and any-time access to personal health records are no longer thought to be exceptional. Today, they are “table stakes.” Patients expect them and are likely to seek care where they are available.

Seize the moment

Don't replace yesterday's IT system with yesterday's IT system

With end-of-support for many Microsoft operating systems and key applications, current IT resources are required to be upgraded. Don’t make the mistake of replacing yesterday’s technology with a new version of the same outdated systems. Now is the perfect time to modernize and gain the important advantages that modern IT systems offer.