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Cybersecurity for Healthcare Organizations

Affordable cybersecurity solutions for small, mid-tier and safety-net healthcare organizations.

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Managed and Co-Managed Security Services

Partnering with Intersect to strengthen your cybersecurity protection is a winning strategy. We provide you with an enterprise-class FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and the Fortinet Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). With those resources in place, we'll monitor your information technology network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to identify and define threats. And, because few organizations have available resources to investigate and resolve alerts in a timely manner, Intersect's solution includes a Security Operations Center (SOC) to automatically escalate and manage cybersecurity threats.

All that remains is to remediate confirmed issues. Clients who wish to resolve threats internally can recieve notifications detailing the steps which need to be performed. Others, who choose not to assume these tasks, can utilize Intersect services to perform the remediations. Visit our Security Plans page to learn more.

Top Ranked Solution

Intersect's cybersecurity service utilizes Fortinet's security platform. Analyists rank Fortinet among the industry's best solutions for performance and protection. Consider: Seven of the top ten U.S. healthcare systems have chosen Fortinet. Intersect's offer to you utilizes the exact same technology. Don't settle for just "good enough."

Healthcare Sector Expertise

Intersect's business strategy is very narrowly focused. "Healthcare" is our middle name. Healthcare it is the only industry vertical we serve. And, specifically, we focus on resource-constrained organizations as aside from large integrated systems. That means the services we offer were designed for you. We are focused on your success.

Staff Technical Expertise

One significant reason to choose Intersect as your Cybersecurity partner is that you can count on us to utilize expert technicians. From cybersecurity experts staffing the Fortinet SIEM and SOC, to others responsible for installing and configuring your Fortigate NGFW, Switch, FortAP, or any other Fortinet application, experienced, highly trained experts will architect your protection.


Choose a service plans appropriate for your organization

Intersect offers a range of service plans. Unlike most managed services alternatives, Intersect's Foundational plan is not just a teaser offer with a low price and not much else. Each Intersect plan is "anchored" by the newly released FortiGate Model 60-F Next-Generation Firewall that sets a new benchmark for security compute ratings and delivers high performance for integrated security and SD-WAN (included at no extra charge.) Every plan also includes FortiManager which simplifies network and security operations, reducing complexity and leading to a more secure environment.

There is still more. All plans feature 24-hour, 365 day, fully managed Security Information and Event Management monitoring supported by a Security Operations Center.

If all this sounds like a lot more than you could possibly afford, you will need to think again. This and the other plans are affordable options for your organization. No longer are you restricted from deploying a robust cybersecurity system.
Why should you do this?

What is in it for you?

It is all about managing risk. By every measure healthcare organizations, and smaller ones in particular, are targets of choice for cybercriminals. Left partially protected, the risk of a breach is extremely high. The subsequent costs associated with a breach could be devestating, if not fatal, for your organization. Projections for the future are that there will be no letup to these attacks.

Peace of mind

Although total security is an improbable claim, we can guarantee an environment that meets the unique and critical needs of today's healthcare organizations. Our solutions offer industry-leading security effectiveness and unmatched performance, and are ranked at the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant. They also have the most NSS Lab "recommended" ratings.

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Added cash to fund care delivery initiatives

With Intersect's "As a Service" cybersecurity program, you will no longer be required to use scarce cash resources for IT equipment. What used to be capex is now an opex expense freeing up cash for other projects such as Service Line expansion or other initiatives.

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More Time for Internal Staff to Focus on Care Delivery Technology

Effectively managing a cybersecurity system is a laborious task, and to do it effectively, requires a 24X7X365 commitment. With that role deligated to Intersect, internal IT staff can focus the organization's technology related to care delivery more productive.

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Diminished Probability of Data Breach or Ransomware Attack

With an enhanced cybersecuerity system, your organization will be no longer the "low hanging fruit" that cybercriminals seek for easy explotation. That factor combined with expert deployment and management of your security resources makes the probability of a breach and its related expense highly reduced.

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More than 25% of all data breaches last year were related to the healthcare space, RESULTING IN AN ESTIMATED $5.6 BILLION LOST TO CYBER CRIME.

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