Web-Based Design

Intersect's web-based infrastructure means providers can access patient records from the device of their choice from whereever there is an Internet connection. And, with no client software to install on workstations, supporting users is simpler and much less expensive.

In-Patient and Ambulatory

The Intersect EHR is certified as an In-Patient and as an Ambulatory EHR. With a single patient record through the entire 360 degree continnum of care, no matter where the patient goes within a system, the electronic record is available and the data is in real time.

SaaS or On-Premise

Deploy Intersect as a SaaS model and save the cost of servers, storage and networking, or you can opt for the traditional on-premise model with a redundant remote image for backup and disaster preparedness.

The Affordable Care Act mandates a paradigm shift in the way healthcare is delivered and reimbursed. Enable your organization to succeed and thrive in the new environment with Intersect's "tomorrow-ready" solutions.

Intersect offers a clear path forward that enables provider organizations to advance along the care-delivery spectrum. Begin with a single patient record across the continuum of care. When you are ready, add team-based care cordination, and later population health management. The transitions are seamless. You can continue to use existing ancillary systems and add only the EHR (no software or servers to buy) or deploy the system on-premise.