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Intersect offers affordable technology solutions to small, mid-tier and safety-net healthcare organizations.

No longer must resource-constrained healthcare organizations settle for incomplete security protection and inadequate disaster recovery solutions. Intersect's near "Everything as a Service" model makes top-ranked services and solutions affordable.

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Why Intersect?

Optimize your information technology to address today's and tomorrow's healthcare delivery challenges today

With the wide variety of current and emerging threats that exist, healthcare organizations who try to manage their own information security or who rely on traditional managed service providers for their protection often lack access to the resources required to adequately protect their systems around the clock from today's elevated threats.

Legacy security solutions are inadequate to deal with today's complex threat environment, and more robust alternatives are commonly priced beyond the means of most healthcare organizations, particularly small and mid-tier independents. Intersect's solutions, priced affordably for organizations of almost every size, creates a unique opportunity to address today's security challenges, data management issues, and systems modernization requirements.

Intersect's services include a cybersecurity platform that enables the rapid detection, prioritization, and response to threats in our customer's networks. Intersect's data managment solution enables the promise of near down-time in worst-case scenarios resulting from a successful ransomware attack or a natural disaster. Systems modernization can lead to a digital transformation which, in turn, offers the agility and scalability to enable the transitions in care-delivery that are required to support new revenue models. And finally, Intersect's Service Desk can assume responsibility for many routine technoplogy administrative tasks that otherwise occupy internal IT resources to the extent that they have little remaining time for high-value opportunities.

Shift your acquisitions of information technology products and services from capex investments to opex expenses

Intersect's "technology as a service" offering branded as Access|NOW means that you can acquire the cybersecurity protection, data managment solution and other technology as a monthy subscription. Keep the cash that you are now using to purchase equipment to fund the innovations needed to enhance revenue. And, if you have unfilled positions in your IT department, let's discuss how Intersect's services would enable you to eliminate those positions.

Threat Centric Defenses

Intersect offers a threat-centric defense model providing Defense-in-Depth layered security across seven key attack vectors:

  • Email
  • Web
  • Cloud Apps
  • End Points
  • Campus & Branches
  • Data Centers

Seamless Data Availability

Intersect's Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery service is engineered to provide seamless data availability, assuring that critical protect patient information and confidential organizational assets are readily usable and not vulnerable to demands by cybercriminals or disrupted by natural disasters.

Care Delivery Agility & Scalability

Deliver the best patient care at the lowest cost by enabling your organization to strategically differentate without infrastructure complexity and increased cost. From your data center to the point of care, Intersect's Next-Gen virtualization strategies will provide you with the technologies to improve the quality and value of patient services and the agility to seize new opportunities.

Take Action

Adopt an Effective Strategy for Sustainable Operations

Our site has an abundance of information about each element in the path forward that we propose. Browse it to learn more. Then, call us at (888) 772-2685 to learn how Intersect can help your organization.